Terms of service

PhishStats has no affiliation with any other organization. The purpose of the website is to show Phishing data through time in the form of dashboards and post examples of fake websites on Twitter and Telegram. The Phishing URLs are gathered from different sources, but information such as city, IP, ASN, page title is generated by Phishstats. If you enjoy Phishstats, consider giving some support on PayPal to cover server costs, domain renewal and etc. By doing that we can continue to provide an ad-free  experience.

Terms of use

  • By accessing the website phishstats.info you agree on the terms at this page and agree that you are responsible to any aplicable local laws. If you do not agree, you are automatically forbidden to use the website.
  • PhishStats is provided 'as is' without any warranties. 
  • URLs found on phishstats.info are websites hosting Phishing. Sometimes false positives (legitimate websites) can be included by mistake on open feeds such as Phishtank. If your website is listed on Phishstats and you would like to ask for a removal, please contact us.
  • PhishStats will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that websites and brands listed on the database may face.
  • You will not try to make automated requests to the website, unless you are using the API.
  • PhishStats can change the terms of the website without any notice.

Why we store visitor data

  • To know how many visitors the website has and where they are from.
  • To identify best times for posting on Twitter/Telegram and if users are accessing from desktop or smartphone.
  • To know the referer - where visitors are coming from (direct access, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Webmail and etc)

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